понедельник, 7 сентября 2015 г.


58kg is the cumulated weight we are carrying. 23kg on Olesia's back and 35kg on mine.
Honestly, it's a lot. Of course we have added 10kg of food, which in fact isn't necessary. Food can always be purchased on the way.

I can deal with 35kg easily, even if at the end if day it becomes a burden.
I'm more concern for Olesia. That's half of her weight!
Despite she's in good shape with a fit body, she's a former Russia's karate champion, it is not good food her back and spine.
But so far, except taking more weight on me or eat all our food, I can see any solution. The second option really appeals to me 😁

So, here we are at the border of Estonia, on a sandy road surrounded by forest. A familiar place to me.

Just the time a photo by the official boundary stone indicating the northern point of Latvia and off we go. The road doesn't wait.
As is was already past 5pm, we decided to walk a little hour and find a place to stop for the night.
The rain was light, so when we saw that old abandoned mill factory we knew it would be our shelter for the first night.
The place was still covered with grains, a perfect mattress, isn't it.
No need to mount the tent, even without windows the place was safe from rain.
We unpacked, make a cosy settlement and prepared ourselves a dinner. After we had a tea by the fire I made.
Darkness was already reminding us that it was bed time.
Indeed, the next day promised to be hard and long.

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