понедельник, 31 августа 2015 г.

That's it, we are fully ready now.

I am now in Amber's Room, the perfect place if you are looking for a good price/quality ratio in the old town. Located far from the noisy area, it is possible to rest here.

Olesia went to Saint-Petersburg to collect her new Shengen visa. Not everybody as the chance to move freely within Europe. I'm always thankful for the freedom Europe is giving us.

We will take a bus from Riga to Mazsalaca tomorrow and from there someone will drive us to the border.
After our first night out, we will head to Mazsalaca again, 35 km.

Packing was as usual a struggle! What to take, what is necessary, what is luxury? Despite being an experienced traveller, keeping in mind that travelling light means travelling far, it is always difficult to really know what is superfluous and what is crucial. Every trip is different from the previous. The goal, the way, the season, the people you are travelling with, all those components must be taken into consideration.

But we managed and hopefully nothing will be missing.

What is the weight of our bags? I don't know yet. I aimed to carry 27 kg and Olesia 12kg. We will weight them tomorrow at the bus station: surprise surprise!

So, read us again, soon we'll post the story of our first day!

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